Kısa Film Uzun Etki


You can reach the .pdf version of the regulations from this link.


Since the day it was established, the Sabancı Foundation has been carrying out its activities with the understanding that social development is possible through unleashing the potential of individuals. With this understanding, the Foundation supports many projects and tries to spread inspiring stories in society to raise awareness about social issues. The Sabancı Foundation supports a great number of culture & art activities in order to encourage and motivate individuals, to feature their creativity, and to appreciate their achievements.

Based on the idea to support addressing of social issues through art, the Sabancı Foundation decided to organize the Sabancı Foundation Short Film Competition. The aim of the Competition is to create an awareness of social issues by making use of the creative perspective of cinema and its power of in-fluence, and to trigger change for social development.


Start of applications:

5 July 2019

Application deadline:

22 November 2019

Announcement of finalists:

24 December 2019

Deadline for submission of required documents for finalists:

3 January 2020


For 2019, the theme of the Sabanci Foundation Short Film Competition is Digital Loneliness.


  • The director (“Owner of the Work”) and/or the producer of a work submitted to the Competition must be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  • The Competition is not open to legal entities.
  • The competition is open to works which have not been screened anywhere else before or awarded a prize. Owners of the Work may not have any feature-length films shot until now.
  • One person may apply to the Competition with more than one film. In this case, one needs to fill out separate application forms for each application.
  • Applicants have to complete their applications by filling in all the fields on the online application form until the deadline: 17:30 on November 22, 2019 the latest.
  • An Owner of the Work agrees that any criminal and civil liability regarding the copyrights of their film lies with them. The responsibility for any copyright issue stemming from the use of non-original texts, images, music, etc. in a short film to be sent to the Competition lies with the Owner of the Work. The Sabancı Foundation may not be held legally responsible therefor. If an Owner of the Work violates the copyrights of third parties via the work, they shall be obliged to compensate the Sabancı Foundation for any direct and indirect damages incurred by the Sabancı Foundation.
  • Any liabilities related to obtaining the explicit consent of the actors featuring in a work and non-actors whose personally identifiable information features in the work, including images, voices, etc., as per the Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data and other related regulations, lie with the producer and the director (Owner of the Work). The Owner of the Work shall immediately share with the Sabancı Foundation the records indicating that the explicit consents of related persons, expressed with free will and based on information, have been obtained under this clause, if the Sabancı Foundation requires the Owner of the Work to do so.
  • The Sabancı Foundation reserves the right to abandon organizing the Competition or to cancel the Competition or to refuse to continue the Competition in the future without showing any reason in any stage before the announcement of the competition result. In the case that the Competition is not organized or is canceled, no work sent or submitted to the Sabancı Foundation by the Owners may be used by the Foundation.
  • The Competition is not open to the Sabancı Foundation staff.
  • No application may be made on behalf of the deceased. However, if the person passes away after they submit their application, their application shall be included in the evaluation.
  • Applications that do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements shall not be evaluated.
  • Applying to the Competition is free of charge.


  • The Competition is open to films with a duration of 5 minutes or less including the credits.
  • Provided that they match the theme, films in the genres of fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, etc. may be eligible for the Competition.
  • Applications must be submitted through online application only. Physical submissions delivered by courier, post, etc. shall not be evaluated.
  • Films must be uploaded to Vimeo (.mp(e)g/ .avi / .vob / .mov / .mp4 / .m4v, etc.) and password protected links must be generated. After the films are uploaded to Vimeo, the applicant shall open the “Privacy” tab and set a password. The set password and URL must be provided along with the application on
  • The resolution of the films uploaded must not be less than 1920x1080.
  • Films must be uploaded with Turkish and English subtitles.
  • Turkish subtitles must be in white while English subtitles must be in yellow.
  • Subtitles must be set to Arial, 38 points. Subtitles must have two lines of text and max. 40 characters per line.
  • Applications that do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements shall not be evaluated.


Art Director: The Art Director is the person who creates the format of, directs and establishes the artistic criteria of the Sabancı Foundation Short Film Competition. The Art Director makes nominations for the Prelim-inary Jury, the Jury, and the Advisory Board.

Advisory Board: Established by the Sabancı Foundation, the Advisory Board is made up of 5 people who are nationally or internationally renowned and are experts in cinema or the “theme” of the Competition. With ideas and suggestions, the Advisory Board contributes to the events that will take place under the Competition.

Preliminary Jury: The Preliminary Jury consists of 3 people, including the Art Director, who are experts in cinema or the “theme” of the Competition and it is established by the Sabancı Foundation. It evaluates all submissions and decides on the finalists. It shortlists 10 to 15 works to be evaluated by the Jury in the final.

Jury: The members of the Jury to judge the finalists are elected by the Sabancı Foundation. The Jury is comprised of 5 people who are experts in the fields of cinema and art. The Sabancı Foundation managers or staff may not be a member of the Jury. The Jury evaluates the finalist works and determines the works to be awarded the first, second, and third prizes. Upon the proposal of the Jury, the Sabancı Foundation may grant other special awards as well.


  • The finalists will be announced on on December 24, 2019.
  • The finalists must deliver the materials specified below to ZeynoFilm Başkurt Sok. Ürgüp Palas Apt. No: 19/3 34433 Beyoğlu-Istanbul no later than 17:30 on January 3, 2020

Materials List:

    • Registration documents of the film issued by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism
    • Screening copies of the film to be delivered on a USB flash drive must be in Full HD quality, with Turkish and English subtitles (Turkish subtitles in white and English subtitles in yellow), and in .mov or .mp4 format. (USB flash drives will not be returned.)
    • A screening copy of the film without subtitles must also be submitted with a USB flash drive. It must be in full HD quality and in .mov or .mp4 format.
    • Dialog lists (with time codes), if there are dialogs
    • Signed printout of the online application form
    • Printouts of the Sabancı Foundation Short Film Competition Regulations - each page signed by the director and the producer to show that the Owners of the Work accept the articles of the regulations.
  • The undersigned guarantees that pieces of information in the above-mentioned documents are correct. Any legal liabilities arising from the information indicated lie with the undersigned. In the event that any incorrect and/or incomplete information provided by a person is detected, even if the person has received an award, the award shall be canceled and recollected.
  • The director and/or the producer of a finalist work shall give consent that the Sabancı Foundation may use the film on any media for an indefinite period of time, including but not limited to posting on the Internet or social media, screening during domestic/international events, provided such use is not for any commercial purposes and the Owners of the Work are given the credit for it.
  • The Owners of the Works agree and guarantee that they will allow via a non-exclusive license the Sabancı Foundation to exercise their rights of reproduction, distribution, representation, and communication to the public by equipment that transmit signals, audio and/or images on the condition that the work wins an award, no commercial purpose is sought, and the Owners of the Work are given the credit for it.
  • In the case that the Owners of the Works who qualify to win an award avoid completing the procedures regarding the non-exclusive license, the Owners of the Works accept that they renounce the awards they qualify to win. In such case, the award in question shall be canceled and not be given to anyone else.
  • The directors of finalist works are obliged to attend a special camp and events to be organized by the Sabancı Foundation Short Film Platform for finalists on January 12 to 15, 2020.
  • After the competition results are announced, no finalist work may be converted by the director(s) to any format, for screening or other purposes, other than the short-film format (not longer than 70 minutes) with the same of a different name.


  • Three projects chosen by the Jury among the works submitted to the Sabancı Foundation Short Film Competition shall be awarded the first prize, the second prize, and the third prize.
  • The candidates for an award may not be disclosed to the public by the Jury or the Sabancı Foundation before the award ceremony.
  • The winners shall be announced during the Award Ceremony of Sabancı Foundation Short Film Competition that is to be organized by the Sabancı Foundation.
  • The announced results shall be final and may not be objected to.
  • The directors of the chosen projects shall be awarded as follows:
    • First Prize: TRY 20,000 (Twenty Thousand Turkish Liras)
    • Second Prize: TRY 15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Turkish Liras)
    • Third Prize: TRY 10,000 (Ten Thousand Turkish Liras)
  • The prizes shall be presented in the form of a check for the prize amount issued to the directors of the selected works during the award ceremony to be held by the Sabancı Foundation.
  • The awards shall be presented to the directors. If an award-winning film has more than one director, the amount of the award shall be evenly divided between all the directors.
  • If the director of an award-winning film is not present at the award ceremony, the award shall be presented to a representative chosen and notified in advance by the director to the Sabancı Foundation in writing.
  • Upon the proposal of the Jury, the Sabancı Foundation may grant other special awards as well.
  • If a person passes away after they have qualified to win an award, then their award shall be given to their legal inheritors.
  • The owners of the works that win an award or have been shortlisted as a finalist shall be obliged to include a statement in the opening and closing credits of the film, any press releases published, newspaper ads and any other promotional media related to the film that it has won the First Prize/Second Prize/Third Prize/Jury’s Special Award together with the logo of the Sabancı Foundation Short Film Platform.